Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sweet Little Things

Kids really get it good, clothes-wise.  With free reign to express their emerging identities, and no social norms to adapt to, the experimental business of dressing oneself has no limits in the life of a child.  PJ's, superhero/dino/princess costumes, blinding clashes of print and colour, wacky outfit combos like army shorts+leggings+moonboots+hand socks (in the case of my son!); all of these are perfectly acceptable, and completely adorable, daily attire for those under the age of 10.  And so how wonderful to be able to make the mini outfits that capture and feed their imaginations, becoming a whole lot more than just clothes but instead tools to express their developing personalities.  One woman, Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S, and her captivating book, Little Things To Sew, has created a collection of clothes and accessories for kids that encourage their need for imagination and expression on a daily basis, and with her step-by-step clarity, these are projects that are approachable for even a novice sewer.  And I must confess, there are a few projects in there that I might just have to make in grown-up size... 

This little skirt I made this morning for my neighbour's little girl who turns three on Monday.  Inspired by Liesl's book, I used a leftover strip of Liberty fabric, two layers of cherry pink netting and elasticated the waistband to make a pretty tutu in under half an hour.

The Explorer Vest was the first thing I made from Little Things To Sew - it seemed like the perfect possible accessory to the daily adventures of a little boy.  All those collected stones, pens, wiggly worms have to go somewhere, and the Explorer Vest has a pocket for everything.  I ended up making it way to big to fit my almost three-year-old, so here it is on my eleven year-old brother instead.  But I recently found some great army fabric in a bargain bin at a local fabric shop for another, smaller, Explorer Vest.  Especially to match his army shorts+leggings+moonboots+hand socks combo.

"Explorer Vest" from Little Things to Sew


  1. Both great makes. I love how dudey (showing my age, ha ha!) your brother looks. Hand socks made me laugh. Elliott finds it hilarious putting his socks on his hands :)

  2. Ah your little bro looks so macho for his age! Haha and your right!! Kids get to dress however they want! It's really a cool thing to be that free to express their self. :)

  3. Thanks for your lovely post! I'm glad you like the book. And if you're serious about wanting to sew for yourself, you might be interested in our women's clothing patterns, Lisette:

    Have a great summer!



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