Thursday, 30 June 2011

Raspberry Vodka

After a deliciously long weekend in the country, it was hard not to feel slightly deflated driving back to a drizzly, grizzly city.  But instead of moaning, I am taking pleasure in what we brought back... a small collection of thrifted charity shop treasures and a big batch of raspberries freshly picked this morning.

~ Raspberry Vodka ~

approx 350g fresh raspberries
75-150g golden caster sugar (depending on how sweet you like it - I like mine a little tart)
70cl Vodka (some say the cheaper the better)
an air-tight jar, very clean

Place the raspberries in the jar, add the sugar and pour over the vodka.  Close the jar and give it a really good and vigorous shake.  For the first month, you need to shake it up as often as you remember - every day if possible.  For the following couple of months just give it a shake every week or other week.  Keep it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight; I keep mine in plain view on the kitchen counter so I don't forget to shake it!  Leave your vodka to infuse for at least two months, three if you can wait.  When the time comes, you will need a clean bottle, a funnel and a sieve (or clean muslin cloth) to separate the liquid from the berries.  Your raspberry vodka is now ready to drink.  But don't throw away the boozy berries - they are delicious slightly warmed and eaten with ice cream for example, or baked in a cake, or punch...  I'm looking forward to Autumn already.


  1. Time consuming, but it sounds great! :)

  2. Wow looks delicious. When can I sample some? I still have a bottle of elderflower with your name in it too. Could we combine? X


  4. Hey! I just realised I totally missed out of the Raspberry Vodka the other night. I hope it's not finished already? Here's another one for our collection.

    Not too late to make your own too. How about a Christmas Cocktail party? xx


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