Thursday, 23 June 2011

Prom Dress - Final Fitting

Jess in her Dress

I was actually quite nervous as I waited for Jess to try on her Prom Dress this morning.  This is the first time I've been asked, or commissioned I guess, to make something, for someone, for a special occasion.  Prom, no less.

When she came out of my studio to show me, I was horrified.  For a long moment I couldn't figure out why the bodice seemed to fit so badly despite having tailored it so specifically to her figure...  Then... phew!  She had put it on back-to-front!!

Having put it on the right way round, and hemmed the skirt, she and I are both thrilled with the result.  And now, as with all projects I've completely enjoyed making, I'm sad it's over.


  1. Great job! She looks beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful dress! She has spunk to wear both florals in the skirt! :)


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