Monday, 30 April 2012

"I am a very stylish girl"

~ Patricia Neal, Breakfast at Tiffany's

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While I, among countless others no doubt, could happily dedicate countless posts to all things Breakfast at Tiffany's (in particular, subject matter dealing with the shoplifting of animal masks, the hosting of decadent cocktail parties in one bed apartments, and needless to add - a girl's love of pearls), right now I am simply using Patricia Neal's infamous statement to introduce Stylish Girl... an iPhone app.


Not if, like me, you've been looking for a way to create an inventory of all your self-stitched garments, à la Clueless... Then look no further ~

With this app I have photographed and categorised every item of clothing I have made - including tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, scarves, hats, bags, panties, socks and shoes (shoes that I designed when I used to design shoes - I figure that still counts as me-made, no?).  You then get to see your entire me-made wardrobe in all its mix-n-match rubik's glory!  Thus enabling your now very smug and anally organised self to flick through and create outfits - just like Cher does!!! - also making it easier to spot what's missing and plan for future makes, while ultimately fulfilling a lifelong dream!

This app has been especially useful as I prepare for Zoe's Me-Made-May'12 challenge, to which I have pledged to wear two items of me-made clothing each day during May.  One item just would have been too easy, but seeing my significant lack of trousers and casual skirts/dresses, I realise now that this is going to be hard.  I will definitely be whipping up some last minute bits in the evenings to come... But I guess that's why they call it a challenge!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello again

Wow.  It feels like an age since I wrote something here.  I guess the Easter holidays ran away with me. Although to be fair, I was only actually away-away for two weeks.  The weeks since have been spent settling back in, working hard, and clearly neglecting this little slice of the interweb...

I have so much to report, so much more to get stuck into, Me-Made-May'12 starting on Tuesday... But for now I just wanted to check back in, let y'all know I'm still alive, and leave you with a little playlist I've had on loop these days... While I catch up on everything everyone else has been blogging about!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Me-Made-May'12 - I'm in!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one a little sad now that OWOP is over... These days I have been enjoying wearing the clothes I have made more than ever.  Partly because my skills have improved, but mostly I think, because I am learning better how to make for myself.

When I first began making my own clothes, I would often get a little carried away with an idea, not really stopping to think (and not really having the experience to judge) how certain fabrics might react to certain shapes, and how the finished piece would actually look on me.  Being a self-taught sewist, trial and error has taught me everything I know.  But I feel I have now reached a point where I am consistently making clothes that I love and want to wear all the time.  I no longer feel like a fraud!

So it is with great excitement that I am signing up for Zoe's 6th Me-Made challenge, Me-Made-May'12 (MMM'12), pledging to wear two items of me-made clothing every day for the duration of May 2012.  This will see me upping my pledge by one item of me-made clothing since the last time I participated in Self-Stitched-Sept'11...

Like last year, I will be compiling a new inventory of my me-made wardrobe (but this time Clueless-style!  Watch this space for the wardrobe inventory to end all wardrobe inventories!!), and spending the last week in April filling in any obvious gaps.

One thing that I did find to be hugely challenging last time though, was the daily outfit photographing.  Any tips/ideas on making this less of a hassle??
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