Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Wall Of Accomplishment

In my studio there is a big, blank wall.

When I finish a piece I like to hang it some place so I can admire it/rethink it.

Today I put 2 and 2 together...

Butterick 8949: a cropped overblouse.  For this first version, I elongated the waistline so it could be worn with jeans.

My second version of Butterick 8949 I made cropped as the pattern intended using a soft plaid brushed cotton.

McCall's 5081: a slim pencil skirt.  This is a long-standing favourite pattern of mine, having previously made a woollen black and white houndstooth version and a green Indian silk version.  This one was whipped up using the remaining red poly crepe from my Vogue 8820 still in progress.

A sewing first for me - a neat hand stitched hem!  The grosgrain ribbon adds a lovely weight to this skirt, but I probably would never have bothered in the first place if I hadn't been neglecting my sewing machine in favour of snuggling up to my poor sick child on the sofa these last few days.

Another half circle skirt, this time in a dusty pink ribbed wool jersey.

And I've just noticed that all four finished pieces hanging on my wall all feature my latest discovery - pearl snaps!  Forget tedious zippers, buttonholes and hooks & eyes, these beauties work on everything, are super satisfying to hammer into place, and look so neat and pretty.


  1. i love the print of the first blouse! and those colors. i found your blog during the "debate";) i only just started sewing in august; so i love it when i find an awesome blog from an awesome seamstress!

  2. Haha thank you Bobbins! That was one serious debate! I'm still checking back to see if my blog has dropped off Tilly's list...! But I too have found so many wonderful new blogs in the process xxx

  3. Aaah, what beautiful makes! I particularly adore the cropped, brushed cotton cute! And pearl snaps sound genius, must give them a go!

  4. Well done Nina! And sorry to hear the boy has been ill! :( Um, SO, am I allowed to make a request for your blog in the comments...!? Hope so cos I'm going to! :) What I was wondering was whether you would ever consider doing a post on 'ethical clothes shops (or sources) for people on a budget'?? I know this is more of sewing/ handcraft blog but I spend waaay too much time in the kitchen as it is, and Im not sure I can devote to doing everything from hand! Im also like 110% sure they wouldnt be as beautiful as yours! BUT Ive realised I may be being a little hypocritical scouring the world for organic, locally grown aubergine... whist doing bulk buys from ASOS every few months... any suggestions sweet friend? Please, pretty please!?! xox ps - gorgeous photos!

  5. Totally cool projects-I am so taken with that overblouse pattern. I came here via Justine's Sew and Tell party....glad to have found you.

  6. I love all your makes! A red skirt is such a nice basic. I am inspired to make one and I am also inspired by your pearl snaps and grosgrain trimmed hem. I can't wait to try these things! Thanks for linking!


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