Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It's amazing what can be achieved when presented with an unexpected evening alone.  Not knowing when I might next have a chunk of uninterrupted studio time, I put Christmas present making aside and indulged in some selfish stitching... Skirts and snoods are usually my go-to projects if I want a quick fix - both quick and satisfying to make, not too fiddly, and always a welcome addition to my expanding wardrobe.

I started with a curtain that used to be in my Grandparents' house, but since losing its partner found its way into my stash.  A beautifully heavy floral cotton, too heavy for pleats or ruching, not enough fabric for a full circle skirt, but just enough for a 1/2 circle - something that's been on my to-make list for a while.  Drafting it was quick and easy, I didn't even bother making a paper pattern, which actually I'm slightly regretting now as it came out so perfectly that I'm on the brink of making a whole family of 1/2 circle skirts.  I only had enough fabric for a slightly awkward above-the-knee length, which I embraced by sewing an amazing vintage trim my Mum gave me years ago that's been waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used, to add a few extra inches to the hem.

After the success of my skirt - and I really think this one is up there with my favourite skirts ever made - I settled in for the night and cast on for a chunky ribbed snood, which I had every intention of saving in my Christmas Present Bag...

But hell no, my friends, like so many other things I make intended for others, I am so keeping this one!  I can always knit more...

An evening well spent I say.


  1. Oh what a beautiful skirt!! (:

  2. Both items are absolutely BEEOOOOUTIFUL! I don't blame you for keeping the cowl.


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