Thursday, 3 November 2011

Meet Me At Oxfam

I am excited, delighted and proud to announce that I have been asked to contribute a series of guest posts for no less than the Oxfam Fashion Blog!

Focusing on creative DIY and sustainable knits, I get to spend the next couple of months researching and putting together tutorials, how-to's and any other resources I can muster to (hopefully) inspire the Oxfam readers to discover the joy and satisfaction of putting in the time and love (and minimal monies) for a homemade holiday season.

My first post is a tutorial on how to make the above intricate fairisle hot water bottle covers, with not a knitting needle in sight!  I don't think any household can have too many hotties, and these are so easy peasy and super quick to make, and always an appreciated and useful gift.


  1. I love your blog, Elisalex. Certainly of world-wide value. Congratulations on your Oxfam gig! They can tell how good you are. - Laura G.

  2. Yay! Ive worked out how to comment without it linking back to my old (and disasterous) blog! Wahoo!
    Congratulations again sweet friend!!
    Since I seem to have spent all my money for november ALREADY (I know!) I'm thinking by staying in and making things I can not only save money, but also keep myself entertained!? Easy tasks like this are just what I need to get started...I'll keep you informed!!xx

  3. Just linking up to your post, I love your blog, so many beautiful ideas, Thank you for some amazing inspiration
    Brit in Canada


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