Monday, 31 October 2011

Chain Cake

Maybe it's because All Hallow's Eve is upon us, but bizarre things are going over here...

In the early hours of this morning, my neighbour popped over and handed me, rather frantically, a tupperware holding a smelly, putrid "cake-mix" called Herman.  Yes, apparently this cake-mix is alive and male.

She explained that this was a chain cake: same idea as a chain email - pass it on to 10 friends or you get nothing but bad sex for the rest of your life - but with a chain cake someone makes the original mix, divides it into four (keeps one 1/4 and passes the other three on), the recipients add to the mix and stir it for a handful of days, divide it and pass it on... I have no idea how long ago the mother-mix was conceived, and judging by the bubbles my little Herman is producing, this cake-mix is most definitely alive; and going by the stink...  undoubtedly male.

These are my instructions:

Happy Halloween!


  1. you haven't heard of herman before!? it's an awsome sour dough starter...bakes into the most wonderful bread/cake/pancakes :) just keep him warm/room temp.

  2. That is superstition at its most disgusting!


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