Friday, 21 October 2011


With Christmas little more than 9 weeks away, I'm already starting to feel the pressure...  And in order to keep on top of my personal projects//private commissions//present making, I seem to be making a start on everything all at once, to be worked on bit by bit on rotation, surrounding myself with the beginnings of everything I need to have done by Christmas, just so my work load can make sense to me visually.  

Herewith a little handful of my Works In Progress...

Practising piecing hexagons for a very special project that I'm keeping quiet for the time being...

Notes on a hat I've been promising my Mum since last Christmas.

The most deliciously soft beginnings of Pickles' Close Cables Sweater (for me!).

Inside view of my Swing Jacket.  Let's face it, we're talking extreme procrastination here.  All that's left to do is hand stitch the lining and sew on the buttons.  An evening's work.  I would argue that my lack of a mannequin in my life is making accurate pinning of the lining harder than it needs to be, but today my lovely neighbour Jess lent me hers.  And she needs it back soon, so no more excuses!

Some I-cord piping for a Christmassy tutorial coming soon...

And lastly, my floor this evening: hot cocoa and a chunky mitten - because my hands were freezing today, and then I thought it would be nice to prepare a quick winter warmer kit pattern (coming soon too).


Tip of the iceberg...


  1. Please, PLEASE, make the "Hat for mum" a "Hat for Duda" too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait for crimbo
    (word of advice - get the bruce spruce they're lighter)

  2. PS Your floor looks so cosy I wana eat it!


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