Sunday, 15 May 2011

While You Were Sleeping

Unhappy with the monotonous state of my sofa, I decided to put my son's afternoon nap to good use and made some new cushion covers. 

Let me begin by saying a few words about cushions.  I love cushions.  And I develop deep and fond attachments for the special cushions in my life.  As a girl, I had the cushion equivalent of a security blanket.  It was just an ordinary square, foam-filled sofa cushion, with a ditsy floral cover.  His name was simply, Cushion.  Looking back I now find it a little strange that this flowery cushion seemed to be so obviously a "he" to me...  Anyway, ever since Cushion, I have loved cushions.  I take my bedtime pillow with me on holiday, I steal those nasty synthetic plane cushions if I've had a good nap on them, and naturally, I will never tire of making cushion covers.  They're the ideal little project: quick, stash-busting and make such a difference to a room.

For a while now I've had some beautiful vintage Laura Ashley curtains that used to be in my Grandmother's house, they didn't fit any of the windows in my house so I've been saving them for something else.  

And after three big cushions I still have some fabric left for a clutch purse to fit the 1950s celluloid frame I found on eBay...coming soon!

two little cushions made in homage to the original Cushion of my childhood

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