Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jane Brocket Book Launch

I recently started reading Jane Brocket's blog Yarnstorm after accidentally finding one of her books, The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making, in London's Liberty.  I was supposed to be buying yarn for all the various headbands, hottie covers and snoods I was making as Christmas presents, but I was so captivated by the colours, the prints and satisfactory big-ness of these quilts that I soon found myself, book open in hand, wandering over to the delicious and delightful Tana Lawn fabrics...  Needless to say, I bought the book, enough fabric and batting to bequilt a small army and I am proud to say that I have almost finished my first proper quilt (although I have to admit that I am on the verge of abandoning the tediously infinite running stitch in favour of my machine... but more about that later).  

So when I read that the same woman who inspired me to take the plunge into patchwork was going to be writing a book about knitting, and launching that book in one of my favourite yarn shops, Loop, I had to swing by.

Jane was every bit as lovely and gentle as her book titles suggest, and her first knitting book does not disappoint.  No page wasting with beginners instructions and diagrams (which if I'm honest were of no use to me when I was learning the basics - thank you YouTube!) just 40 great projects; approachable and adaptable, accompanied by warm scene-setting introductions.  I will be starting with the 'string of pearls' cushion covers... just as soon as I've ticked some things off my list (currently standing at: finish quilt for V, Cavalier Capelet, redecorate doll's house, finish oilcloth placemats... and it goes on).

'string of pearls' cushion covers

The Gentle Art of Knitting is available from Amazon.

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