Monday, 30 April 2012

"I am a very stylish girl"

~ Patricia Neal, Breakfast at Tiffany's

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While I, among countless others no doubt, could happily dedicate countless posts to all things Breakfast at Tiffany's (in particular, subject matter dealing with the shoplifting of animal masks, the hosting of decadent cocktail parties in one bed apartments, and needless to add - a girl's love of pearls), right now I am simply using Patricia Neal's infamous statement to introduce Stylish Girl... an iPhone app.


Not if, like me, you've been looking for a way to create an inventory of all your self-stitched garments, à la Clueless... Then look no further ~

With this app I have photographed and categorised every item of clothing I have made - including tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, scarves, hats, bags, panties, socks and shoes (shoes that I designed when I used to design shoes - I figure that still counts as me-made, no?).  You then get to see your entire me-made wardrobe in all its mix-n-match rubik's glory!  Thus enabling your now very smug and anally organised self to flick through and create outfits - just like Cher does!!! - also making it easier to spot what's missing and plan for future makes, while ultimately fulfilling a lifelong dream!

This app has been especially useful as I prepare for Zoe's Me-Made-May'12 challenge, to which I have pledged to wear two items of me-made clothing each day during May.  One item just would have been too easy, but seeing my significant lack of trousers and casual skirts/dresses, I realise now that this is going to be hard.  I will definitely be whipping up some last minute bits in the evenings to come... But I guess that's why they call it a challenge!


  1. This looks cool although its not something I would really use.
    I like your pledge. I have had to give this one a miss as I need to make more items to get anywhere near a suitable wardrobe for this challenge but I have run out of time lately.
    Cant wait to see your outfits :D

  2. Cool app, I look forward to seeing you around this month!

  3. Ooh god challenge. TBH I've gone down same road as self stitched september with mine but i was just pleased to have a few more clothes to wear this time round! Have just spent a pleasant twenty mins rootling around your shoe site - wow! Are you still designing shoes? Any reason why you stopped?

    1. Thanks Joanne! Not designing shoes anymore... The fashion industry kind of took it out of me and running my own label by myself (with a small baby) meant too much admin and not enough creativity! Moving on to greener, more self-sufficient pastures... watch this space! x


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