Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Morning After...

Feeling a touch hungover this morning after having danced the best part of last night away, I couldn't think of a better pick-me-up than a strong cup of sweet, milky coffee and sewing up a quick and simple (quickle?) Springtime Snood on this sunny Sunday morning.

Based on Purlbee's Pompom Cowl, but made with two 1 metre lengths of supersoft viscose sandwiching the pompom braid between the edge seams (as opposed to Purlbee's version that uses one length of fabric and sews the braid directly onto the edges), this lightweight neckwarmer took only half an hour to make, and I can already see that this will be getting a lot of wear.

Now time to soothe my poor, aching (but very happy) feet in a steaming hot bath.   A lovely evening to all.


  1. Hehe, I love the word 'quickle' you've invented...I may have to pinch it now and again! Great snood, I've seen a couple of versions so far and it's a tempting make!

    Hope your feet have recovered ;o)

    1. Thank you Marie! I highly recommend this, I literally haven't taken it off since I made it and am already planning to make some more as presents. Feet just about recovered... Still dancing around the house though! x


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