Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Eggy-Bear Bake

These days I'm finding myself increasingly traumatised by the words, "Can I have a sna-ack?".  But one snack is never enough.  Especially on cold January evenings after an action-packed afternoon at nursery. 

"Can I have another snacky-wacky-woo???"

I'm all for a bit of snacking, but as a mother, my main concern is that after 3 rice cakes with honey, a snack bar, half an apple and God-knows-what-else, he won't eat his dinner.  

Enter the bear shaped baking mould.  Instead of snacking, I entice him with the promise of cracking eggs and a bear shaped dinner.  It's pretty exciting.  And as long as I get the butternut squash in the oven to roast and the mushrooms sautéeing the second we get in from school - while he has his perfectly acceptable snack #1 - getting him to crack eggs into the moulds and spoon over the vegetables and watch them bake (for 7-10 minutes), manages to hold his attention long enough to put off his asking for another snack before dinner is ready.

And he thinks that eating an eggy teddy is pretty funny too.


  1. Oh man, that is too awesome! An eggy teddy! I don't suppose you have a bird baking mold, do you? Or would that be too cannibalistic-like?

  2. don't fret too much about the snacks....sounds like he eats fairly healthy snacks. when mine were {much} younger, their doc told me to let them eat lots of mini-meals and not worry so much about the three meals-a-day regimen. so we were a snack eating family. still are, now that i think about it =]


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