Friday, 9 September 2011

SSS'11: Days 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Things have been quite uneventful here on the Self-Stitched-Styling front these last few days... Having spent most of my time spring cleaning, at the local recycling/landfill site and picking fruit and veg at a Pick-Your-Own Farm, my silk wiggle skirts and 50s tea dresses have not really been in such high demand.  Instead, determined to stick to my pledge of wearing at least one item of me-made clothing a day, this week I have been mostly wearing Swing Tops and jeans (days 4 & 5). With a few exceptions...

day 6

Day 6: Jersey Circle Skirt. Nothing exciting here, a pretty standard Autumnal outfit, but I was compelled to photograph it simply because this is the first skirt I ever made. And I love it. The seamless viscose jersey drape, I guess what can only be described as a fireworks print, and just the sentimentality of it being my first.

day 7

Day 7: Trudging through a field of sweetcorn in me-made skirt, Bucket Hat and garter stitch snood.

day 8

Day 8: Again, Swing top... But I was cold so I threw on my Pickles cardi.

Luckily for my fancier frocks waiting their turn, I have some exciting plans in store for them this weekend...

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