Saturday, 10 September 2011

Christmas Came Early

Receiving vintage patterns in the post is always exciting.  You saw the little pictures on the website, checked the size, filled up your cart, and probably had to dramatically cut it down before hitting the Checkout button.  Then, you wait.  And usually quite a while as all the good stuff seems to be overseas...  But then, one day, you go to your Mum's for lunch, and lo and behold!  She has a massive box full of VINTAGE FANCY DRESS SEWING PATTERNS.  All for me. Sigh.

Kids patterns, men and women too, all holidays/themes/Disney characters represented, and a wide variety of sizes too.  I haven't even begun to count them yet but there are definitely more than 50 patterns. More than 50 fancy dress patterns!! I could get seriously carried away here.  A new mini on-the-side career possiblement? Custom-made, vintage inspired costumes (with none of this!).  Either that, or just a dressing-up box to be the envy of all my son's friends, and mine too for that matter.

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