Saturday, 6 August 2011

Challenge: Self-Stitched-September 2011

When I started this blog not long ago in May, I had a long term goal in mind.  I planned to work towards challenging myself to wear only clothes I had made myself (with a few exceptions...) for a year, and to blogument the process.  A bit ambitious perhaps, but definitely do-able if I allowed myself a set time to prepare by assessing my already existing homemade wardrobe, and then spending the time to make more to fill in the gaps.  But then I kept thinking how much I'd miss all my other clothes...

Then in June I stumbled upon the blog of Brighton based Zoe who sets herself "Me-Made" challenges lasting a month whereby she aims to wear mostly clothes she has made or refashioned herself, documents her month in outfits on her blog, and the genius part is that she calls for other bloggers to take part by pledging to wear at least one item of me-made clothing for the duration of that month.  When I found Zoe's blog, it was bang in the middle of "Me-Made-June 2011" so I was gutted not to be able to take part, but I loved seeing her process, and it opened up a world of amazing creative bloggers also taking part that I probably would never have come across if it weren't for this inspired idea of a blogging community sharing a challenge together.

So you can imagine how delighted I was the other day when Zoe announced the up-coming challenge - Self-Stitched-September 2011 (SSS)!  I have already pledged to take part by wearing at least one item of me-made clothing for the duration of September, and I will also be endeavouring to make more clothing for my husband and our almost 3 year old son.

Over the following weeks leading up to September I will be gathering together all my existing me-made clothes and accessories, establishing what is lacking and hopefully making up a few more bits to fill in the gaps and make everyday me-made dressing more approachable.  SO  EXCITED!

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