Tuesday, 5 July 2011


We've all been there.  Looking in the mirror thinking, "can I still get away with wearing these hotpants/crop-top/see-through dress...?" In my case, cut-off jeans ripped quite suggestively at the crotch.  They were my favourite jeans when I was 17, I wore them until they were practically threadbare, then cut them into shorts and rocked them with half a bottom cheek peeping out.  Now I'm not so sure.  So many factors contribute to women's changing bodies, self-image and therefore wardrobes that it can be sad to leave behind clothes that were so loved back in happier, firmer bodily times.  But this morning as I mowed the lawn in my revealing cut-offs, I decided a quick patch job was just the thing to give my shorts a new lease of life.  These babies are sick of being confined to the house!

before back view

before front view

I used the same cotton as my Swing Sorbetto which I can't get enough of right now, and from a distance it sort of looks like flesh... drawing your eye in and then noticing the print as you get closer.  I like this subtle trompe l'oeil suggesting a sneaky peek of skin, without actually revealing anything at all.

after back view

after front view

inside-out detail


  1. Nice idea! OMG you can stillget into the jeans you wore at 17??? That's amazing! (Jealous? Moi? ;)

  2. Love them can you do some for me x


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